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 ===== Books (including audio books) ===== ===== Books (including audio books) =====
 +It is generally recommended to get at least one of these books. The ARRL books tend to be the official one, but the others are all good as well. 
 +  * [[http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-General-Class-License-Manual-9th-Edition/|ARRL General Class License Manual 9th Edition]] Also found at [[https://www.amazon.com/ARRL-General-Class-License-Manual/dp/162595106X/ref=pd_sbs_14_t_0/136-9712312-3515330?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=162595106X&pd_rd_r=bdd15201-9264-4823-9902-210e26b3d062&pd_rd_w=J5oLI&pd_rd_wg=Ovv0r&pf_rd_p=5cfcfe89-300f-47d2-b1ad-a4e27203a02a&pf_rd_r=WKA07450ERZTR4RKZM6Z&psc=1&refRID=WKA07450ERZTR4RKZM6Z|Amazon]] and many other places books are sold.
 +    * [[http://www.arrl.org/general-class-license-manual|General License Class Manual Supplement]] - Supplemental content for the book.
 +  * [[https://www.amazon.com/Pass-Amateur-Radio-General-Class/dp/1796995495/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_2/136-9712312-3515330?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=1796995495&pd_rd_r=8e159a2d-0724-482b-a08a-eca70ec26e12&pd_rd_w=GMeNe&pd_rd_wg=Y1QRH&pf_rd_p=09627863-9889-4290-b90a-5e9f86682449&pf_rd_r=7VHRCWZ5EHSBKJC9VCT6&psc=1&refRID=7VHRCWZ5EHSBKJC9VCT6|Pass Your Amateur Radio General Class Test - The Easy Way]]
 +  * [[https://www.amazon.com/Track-General-Class-Radio-License/dp/1095927124/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_2/136-9712312-3515330?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=1095927124&pd_rd_r=37a3ba24-82c7-403d-a6ff-3a3739ee220e&pd_rd_w=OXqx5&pd_rd_wg=2RbBN&pf_rd_p=09627863-9889-4290-b90a-5e9f86682449&pf_rd_r=ZC9HSR8R64612E6WJD2P&psc=1&refRID=ZC9HSR8R64612E6WJD2P|The Fast Track to Your General Class Ham Radio License: Comprehensive preparation for all FCC General Class Exam]] along with [[https://www.amazon.com/Track-General-Class-Radio-License-dp-B07SCLFHKP/dp/B07SCLFHKP/ref=mt_audio_download?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=|audio book supplement]].
 +  * [[https://www.w5yi.org/catalog_details.php?pid=87&sort=4|Gordo's General Class License Study Manual]]
 ===== Videos ===== ===== Videos =====
 +Nothing is more beneficial than seeing it in practice. These videos will help add context or clarify some of the more complicated parts of the books.
 +  * [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CX6EFOLwQc&list=PL0R9jy9LZw_35KimLiSIOH0YdNtCeYcRe|David Casler KE0OG]] - David does a good job of demonstrating some of the aspects of each chapter to help get you on the road of understanding. He takes the approach of you watching the video first then you read the chapter.
 +  * [[https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ_9BZQ8gpziLtp4t55A9G6k2s4faOBcK|W4EEY]] - The author has not watched these videos, but has heard of many recommendations for this channel.
 +  * [[https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1KAjn5rGhiy5BVvY2fZYRVwPsqZ5eF2v|Ham Radio Crash Course]] by Josh KI6NAZ.
 +  * [[https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs_Ab58w9LI9T0qCOsOD25KKTCAV92L5W|Ham Radio 2.0]] by Jason KC5HWB.
 ===== Practice Tests ===== ===== Practice Tests =====
 +Practice, practice, practice. Once you are averaging around 80% or better, you are ready to go!
 +  * [[https://www.qrz.com/hamtest/|QRZ.com Practice Amateur Radio Exams]] - You do need to create an account, but the author used this site to pass his exam.
 +  * [[http://arrlexamreview.appspot.com/|ARRL Exam Review for Ham Radio]]
 +  * [[https://hamstudy.org/|HamStudy]] - there are also apps for iOS and Android
 +  * [[https://hamexam.org/|HamExam.org Amateur Radio Practice Exams]]
 +===== Ask Questions =====
 +Sometimes you just need to "phone a friend" here are a few different places to ask questions.
 +  * [[https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearningHamRadio/|Learning Ham Radio]]
 +  * [[https://www.facebook.com/groups/293204677817745/|Ham Radio / New to the Hobby]]
 +  * [[https://www.facebook.com/groups/1529154683867342/|Ham Radio Crash Course]]
 +  * [[https://discord.gg/CWNXQpj|Ham Radio Crash Course Discord]] - It's like a chatroom and it's full of very smart people.
 +  * [[https://hamradio2.com/discord|Ham Radio 2.0 Discord]] - It's like a chatroom and it's full of very smart people.
 ===== Other resources ===== ===== Other resources =====
 +Here are other things that I have found that maybe be helpful.
 +  * [[http://dcasler.com/ham-radio/general/|General Class Ham License – On-Line Help for Your Self Study]]
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