How long does it take to get my license?

License timing varies widely based on the VE group. It's best if you ask where you take your test for their estimated timing. There are some organizations that can upload to FCC and you will get your license the same day, most others can take up to a couple of weeks. I have heard the ARRL is working on making this process more digital which would speed up the process significantly. But for now, if ARRL was your VEC, it'll take no less than 15 business days, if it was Laurel it will go sooner. If you have a felony or some type of criminal activity on your record it will take longer, possibly three months or more.

What I did was searched by my last name and my zip code on this page and just refreshed a few (okay, many) times a day. As soon as your license appears, you can get on the air! Check the database after 8 AM, 12 PM, and 4 PM. That’s when the updates post.

Please note that some of the other sites like the ARRL, QRZ, and others that show licenses, may take up to a few days for them to show up.

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